What Makes Commercial HVLS superior to Regular Fans

What Makes Commercial HVLS superior to Regular Fans

If asked, why do commercial HVLS last longer? Some people say they don’t know, while others say they are big. Most people don’t know what makes this fan efficient and last longer.

When getting a fan, you want it to ventilate your company, but remember, not all fans can perform the job effectively. So you should choose a fan built to last and withstand harsh environments, like commercial HVLS fans. This fan is designed for such applications, and getting bigger gives better results.

Before installing any fan, check out what makes HVLS fans exceptional.

What Makes Commercial HVLS Superior

Commercial HVLS Fans don’t Lower your Company’s Room Temperature

Air conditioners let cooler air into the company, quickly reducing the room temperature. The major disadvantage of air conditioners is that they are expensive, especially if you install them in a large company building.

However, high volume, high speed (HVLS) commercial fans are the best alternative to AC because they are efficient and pocket-friendly to install. They will keep the working environment conducive for your employees at a lower cost.

These fans don’t lower the warehouse room temperature. It only generates pressure that will circulate in the building. As a result, it produces a breeze that blows around people’s sweaty skin, helping them to feel cooler. So even if it’s very hot, those working in a place with commercial HVLS fans will feel like the room temperature is low.

Improve the Company’s Profit

Nobody would want to work in an overheated environment, and when the room temperature rises above average, the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable for your workers. They sweat and feel worn out, which slows brain activity. This causes productivity to slow and drop considerably, causing company losses. Mind you, the higher the indoor temperature, the less work is done accurately and consistently.

If you want your workers to be more productive, ensure you make their working environment more conducive with a regulated room temperature. So ensure the room temperature stands between 70 to 72° F (22° C), and your employees will focus better on their assigned duties. As a result, productivity will increase, increasing your company’s profit margins.

Commercial HVLS Fans are Slower but Better

It feels good to put the fan on and sit under it in a hot environment. The cool breeze released gives your body such relief, and the faster the fan spins, the better your skin will feel cooled. However, that’s not true. Commercial HVLS fans come with a lower speed than other types of fans because they don’t need to spin at high speed to circulate the air.

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They have extra long airfoils of about 30 feet in diameter, unique designs, and efficient motors that enable them to produce colossal airflow even in big rooms such as a warehouse. Here is a practical comparison. A residential fan runs between 200- 380 revolutions per minute, while commercial HVLS fans run at a slower rate of 40-200 revolutions per minute. With this, you can see that HVLS fans are more powerful and circulate air with less effort.

Commercial HVLS Fans are Best for your Company

These fans are tailored to handle industrial environments with their industrial-grade materials and parts. They are durable, and you can use them for a long time without replacing them. Unlike general-purpose fans, made only for offices and homes, HVLS industrial fans are made of heavy-duty material. They can be installed in rugged working places like construction or welding companies. These fans will last for a long time with minimal service.

Additionally, these HVLS commercial fans are safe because they are overhead, meaning they will not be blocking the entry, or there will be no cords to trip over. Even if you overheat your place during the winter, HVLS industrial fans will help to reverse the hot air by providing a cool breeze.


When getting a fan for your company, you should get commercial HVLS fans because they can fit in most environments, unlike regular fans. These fans will make a significant difference in your company cutting down electricity bills. Make your employees’ working environment more hospitable, increasing productivity and profit margins. These fans are also safe, so invest in commercial HVLS fans because it’s a value-based decision for your company.