What Are the Happiest Cities in Canada?

What Are the Happiest Cities in Canada?

With having a reputation for being pleasant and polite, it’s no surprise that there’s happy Canadians to be found wherever you are looking in the country. That’s thanks to wonder cities, seemingly endless nature, and low crime throughout the majority of the country. Quickly, it’s easy to see why there’s a smile on everyone’s face.

While it’s not hard to find happy folks wherever you might be traveling, not every city is going to seem as happy as the next. If haven’t pleasant neighbors and happy people all around is on the top of your priorities list, here are some of the best choices throughout all of Canada.

Toronto, ON

For some, especially the younger crowd, having the jobs they’ve always dreamt of going to make them happy above all else. If you measure happiness by having purpose, it’ll come at no surprise Toronto ranks among the happiest throughout all of Canada. Being the most populous city anywhere throughout the country means you’ll have little trouble finding whatever makes you happy.

The only possible thing that might drag on the happiness is the cost of living that comes with the territory. With that in mind, given a life here adds up financially, there’s plenty to love from fantastic career opportunities to its unique culture. With all it offers, Toronto will never have any issue in keeping all its residents’ life satisfaction as high as the CN Tower itself.

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Calgary, AB

It might not be the same amount for everyone, but every person’s mood is going to be impacted by their external environments so maybe the fact that Calgary won the ranking for world’s cleanest city has something to do with why everyone there seems to be happy and love their city so much. Thanks to hefty fines for littering, the city is sure to keep its clean reputation for years to come.

On top of the clean streets, there’s also no provincial sales tax for anywhere in Alberta. That means the people of Calgary are only paying federal goods and services tax so if browsing

Calgary Homes For Sale is in the cards for you, you’ll be surprised to see how much house you’ll be able to afford thanks to all the additional money you’ll be saving and that’s one sure-fire way to keep a smile one anyone’s face.

Whistler, BC

For many around the world, Whistler ranks as one of the best places for skiing and snowboarding. Considering that, it should come as no surprise that it’s residents rank among the happiest anywhere in the country. Plenty of those who live in the area only do so seasonally and many of the year round residents are retirees taking full advantage of the slopes. The snow isn’t the only amazing thing about the local nature either. There’s plenty to do no matter the season from hiking to fishing and more.

If you are at your happiest outside, you’ll fit right in among the locals that have lived in Whistler for years. Thanks to the desire to pull in tourists, there’s plenty of amazing options to dine at, meaning there’s even amazing things to experience after the sun sets for the day.