Features of a Disabled Bathroom Design

Features of a Disabled Bathroom Design

In several places in Australia, thoughtful restroom design accessible to individuals with mobility impairments allows you to furnish the disabled bathroom design safely without sacrificing an excellent visual result.

Without a doubt, the bathroom is the environment that poses the most significant challenge to project designers, as well as companies that have expanded their catalogues in recent years. This is to include fittings and accessories capable of meeting the most diversified requests while not underestimating the form.

Moreover, the lack of obstacles makes life simpler for people with limited mobility and those who, owing to ageing, find themselves in a transitory state of impaired lower-limb functionality.

After determining that there are no architectural conflicts, the first step in outfitting an inclusive restroom is to select the appropriate bathroom fittings.

18% of Australians have some form of disability. This necessitates specially designed bathrooms that are disabled-friendly. Look at some accessories and fittings to make the best of disabled bathroom design in Australia.



Disabled sinks that are wheelchair inclusive are entirely placed at a short altitude, so they shall use them while seated. To minimise strain on the lower spine during use, this method is generally recommended if the person is always in a wheelchair and any other person never uses the washbasin.

Furthermore, moveable rise and fall handicapped sinks adjustable in height are ideal for various demands.

Some handicapped sinks can be moved up and down to a vertical distance using a simple handheld control. It is excellent for family restrooms since users can stand instead of bending, and people in wheelchairs can adjust the basin to their preferred height.


For people who struggle to clean themselves, the best option is to have auto wash dries accessible restrooms with remotely operated customisable airflow and water heat. These self-cleaning lavatories for the disabled come with a slew of extra features and are commonly fitted to aid various health issues.

When fitted beside a fold-up supporting rail, higher elevation lavatories for the disabled makes going on and off the seat a breeze. These are simple to install, have no visible height difference, and are designed to match standard sanitaryware.

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Adjustable height fall and rise aided bathtubs have a subtle look and are ideal for profession-facilitated bathing.

The motorised aided disability showering option rises and lowers to provide a comfortable bath height, reducing pressure on the user’s lower back. Furthermore, image enhancement is the process of speciality baths with automated transfer chairs to provide the best independent bath option for the disabled. They are contemporary in appearance and practical in usage.

Your loved one or you may wash comfortably and safely in the comfort and privacy with this simple and safe bath.


Disabled showers for wheelchair users are extensive and have a level accessibility non-slip washing table with wide holding doors. Shower doors are open from a central point to provide ample space for disabled access and mobility.

Additionally, some aided disability showers have a level accessibility non-slip wash tray surrounded by ½ two folding doors and curtains for a shower to get privacy and solitude, enabling you or a beloved one to be washed conveniently without the caregiver getting soaked.

Disability-level access showering with a seat is a fantastic option when the room is limited or you don’t need disabled access or caregiver assistance. It usually comprises a tinier non-slip showering bench with half or full-height doors.


If you and a close one have particular accessibility needs, your restroom must accommodate them to give convenience and mobility to you and other users. 32% of the people with disability in Australia have severe disabilities restricting their movement. You can take on some initiatives to make the disabled bathroom design in Australia more user-friendly, and these activities are usually performed quickly.

An insight given above on some bathroom fittings and accessories can turn your bathroom into a much more convenient and welcoming place for mobility-impaired individuals. Start making those thoughtful changes starting today.