Ways To Keep Your Elderly Dog Healthy

Dog Healthy

Regular veterinary care and a healthy diet can improve the lifespan of our dogs. But as they live longer, we need to keep them happier and healthier longer as well. If your dog is more than 7 years of age, he is already a senior pet. Older dogs may start suffering from various age-related illnesses, like joint issues, impaired vision, and overall weakness. Potentially dangerous diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart problems are also common in senior dogs. A dog behaviourist can help you determine if your dog is suffering from either a physical or emotional issue.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to take care of your elderly dog:

Visit The Vet More Often- if your dog is more than 7 years old, you need to take him to the vet more often, at least twice as often. Early detection of a possible illness is crucial when your dog reaches an advanced age. Bi-annual or quarterly wellness exams are important to keeping your dog in good shape. The vet will check for lumps, evaluate eyesight and hearing, take blood samples, and examine the dog’s cardiovascular functions.

Adjust To Your Dog’s Impairments- the aging process is unavoidable, and your dog may start to experience some natural physical impairments. Daily activities can be riskier and become health hazards. Because your dog may have mobility, vision, and hearing issues, you need to ensure a safe environment. If possible, block off stairways, so your dog won’t fall. Re-arrange and move furniture to give a dog with visual impairment a clearer path. Slippery floor may worsen mobility, so you need to put carpets and rugs. If your dog is in residential dog training, be sure to notify the dog trainer of any issues he might have.

Maintain A Proper Diet- obesity is a risk factor that may shorten your dog’s lifespan. Excess weight could cause strain in the joints and heart. Consult with your vet to help your dog reduce weight without any issue. Omega 3 should help to maintain the skin, brain, and joints conditions. MSM, chrondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid are healthy for joints. Homemade bone broth could help joints and bones. Probiotics and digestive enzymes make it easier for your dog to absorb and digest nutrients. Dark green veggies help to prevent anaemia and pumpkin may resolve bowel issues.

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