TBI Motion Means Linear Motion

TBI Motion Means Linear Motion

 When it comes to linear motion, one company stands out due to their dedication to achieving excellence during each step of the manufacturing product and placing it on the market

With TBI Motion there’s no if’s and but’s about it!

For all your needs of linear motion products and items that make linear motion happen there’s only one place to go. Distributors worldwide have certainly recognised the magnitude of their presence, why wouldn’t you?

The company in question is TBI Motion, based in Taiwan and has been present since 1986. on the market. They are known for their brilliance in the field, combining innovation, creativity and full focus on customer’s demands.

Award Winning Performance

TBI Motion has many patents for design under ISO certificates, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 to be exact and have 10 RohS ii’s certificates for their own materials and manufacturing oil.

They’ve eceived achievements of excellence in every field they’re present.

TBI Motion - Smart source networking

A company that operates under specific precise guidelines, TBI Motion has proven their dedication in assisting many industries but also a single user, a DIY worker who maybe needs their products every once in a while.

Just some of the industries that have benefited by using TBI Motion’s products and tools are: automobile industry, robot industry, machine tool, green energy industry, automated storage and retrieval system etc.

Guidelines they Uphold

TBI Motion promotes TPM, short for Total Production Management, which leaves no room for errors. Operating with this in mind, they ultimately control internal and external costs. Internal being fixing the tools and reworking on them and external would be complaints and client loss

Their motto ‘Let the high quality become nature’ has guided designers, scientists and mechanics in TBI Motion to aim for perfection.

Outstanding quality means high capacity – another slogan they stick to. All these phrases actually paint the picture of diligence that comes with ease, seemingly.

The process of making a certain product is long and exhausting but before finishing every step, the placement on the market is no option.

Sure, quality tests are present in every manufacturing company, or they should be, but TBI Motion takes it to another level.

  • First step is an extensive research of the market
  • Next comes orientation to detail i.e. what can be smaller, more convenient, which materials to use to maintain lightness of the product and efficiency while using it
  • Production itself can happen more than once. If the initial product doesn’t meet the requirements, any type of requirement like regarding the weight – if it’s too heavy, research to repair the damage comes next
  • Final product after fixing the issues is tested in every way possible so that TBI Motion could address every question and inquiry made by customers.
  • Their customer service and technical support are famous for their accuracy and attention to detail

For more information visit www.tbimotion.com.tw where you can find: linear guide, ball screw, ball spline, precision ball screw, single axis actuator and all other tools and materials for all your linear motion needs.