Few Services Offered By A Good Immigration Law Firm Canada!

Immigration Law Firm

The very first thing one needs to know is that the services offered by immigration lawyers are normally different and unique compared to the services provided by other kinds of lawyers. The people that face difficulties dealing with the needs of immigration consider hiring immigration law firm like Davies Immigration Law.

The main job of these lawyers is to act as the advisor or counselor to foreign citizens and immigrants that need to interact with the authority that deals with immigration rules and regulations. These lawyers can guide regarding visa applications, green card, citizenship, non-citizen employment opportunities, and problems related to deportation.

Majority of the immigration lawyers tackle matters related to criminal laws and immigration. Following are some of the services offered by investment immigration Canada lawyers:

Conviction of crime

The applicant might consider hiring an immigration attorney if he or she has been convicted of a crime in the past. Majority of the immigration forums ask the applicant to submit information if he or she has committed and sentenced for the crime. This will require the applicant to disclose the complete criminal history. The immigration lawyer will assist in understanding the application and how the criminal charges and immigration law are connected.

Rejection of prior immigration application

The immigration lawyer can help you to know the reason behind the denial of your application. These lawyers can also offer you guidance if you are capable of appealing the decision relevant to the denial. Also, they can guide you regarding re-application after a certain duration.

Deportation or exclusion of a person

In case the person has been previously deported or excluded from the entry in Canada, seeking the help of investment immigration to Canada lawyer can prove to be useful. At times, deportation and exclusion refer that the person is permanently banned from the future application. The attorney can offer recommendations on the effects of exclusion and deportation.

The medical condition of the applicant

Few medical conditions like the ones that are contagious prevent the entry in Canada. If the applicant has such a medical condition, then the application can be rejected. In case you have any kind of medical condition, you can speak to the immigration lawyer. The lawyer will give you if you will be eligible to enter Canada or not with such kind of medical condition.

Employment visa

Are you looking forward to employment opportunity in Canada? Are you not able to get help related to immigration from your employer? Well, in this case, get in touch with a good immigration law firm Canada. The employment-based visa is always very tough,  and so you will require their help. The lawyers of the law firm will make sure immigrant employer’s future obligation is completed by their future employers.

Immigration application procedure taking a long time

At times, the immigration application process takes a very long time, and you might find it tough to deal with it all alone. Immigration attorneys are known to the application procedure, including waiting times and deadlines. Hence, the lawyer can help out the best during such times.

These are some of the services offered by an immigration lawyer. Apart from this, the lawyer can also help with investment immigration program. If you are planning to hire one such lawyer then check out these sites Ourbis, Twitter and Google Maps.