Best Android And Smart Tv Music App

Spotify is a famous app everybody knows. Spotify is a world-famous music streaming application that contains all kinds of music, songs, podcasts, etc. If anyone wants to listen to music without any botheration from advertisements, Spotify is the most suitable app for it. There are billions of people who use this application to listen to music. Using this Spotify application, you can listen to music from old hits, top hits, to lately released music.

This application can be downloaded to any Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac devices. You can also listen to music from the Spotify Web without downloading and installing the application to your device. Moreover, you can listen to songs on Spotify Android TV app through a smart TV or a streaming device like Android TV BOX or Firestick. This is also compatible with Wireless Speakers.

Features of Spotify

Every song, podcast, music albums that release newly can be taken from the Spotify application. It updates all kinds of latest released genres, podcasts, music, songs. You can install this app on any Android TV box even it is not on play store. First download apk file to your computer and use Filelinked app to install that apk on your TV BOX. If you are able to find Filelinked store that has Spotify, you can easily install this awesome music player.

There is a wide range of playlists, and you can choose any unique playlist according to your preferences. The playlist will also be updated daily. You can add your favorite songs to the playlists and play them to only the favorite songs that will be played.

You can separately choose songs of your favorite music artists. Moreover, you can browse themes in various decades.

There is a wide range of music that suits your mood. Sad, Happy, Angry, Frustrated, or any mood can be recovered by listening to the songs.

There are different types of songs that you can use for different occasions, such as parties, activities, sports events, romantic dinners, and many more. Listening to music on background and working on something else will not work smoothly on many Android device. You can use Clean Master application to choose which apps and tasks that run on background.

There are some podcasts, playlists, and genres that you can only listen to from Spotify. You cannot find such stuff from other music apps or even from the internet.

Premium Version of Spotify

There are both free and paid versions of Spotify. Many people select the paid version of Spotify since you can play the music you choose offline. You cannot have the experience of playing your music offline using the Spotify free version. So, it is better to listen to music offline rather than listening online. So, you better choose the premium version if you are not a Spotify user but willing to use the application.

There are no botherations from Ads when you subscribe to the premium version and can listen to music freely.

Besides, some podcasts are unavailable in the Spotify free version. Still, the paid version unlocks and provides you all kinds of podcasts, genres, and music without a single doubt.

Spotify Premium Plans;

  1. Individual Plans
  2. Duo Plans (2 accounts)
  3. Family Plans (6 accounts)


Spotify is an amazing music streaming application that provides you all the kinds of music stuff you love. It is offered by Spotify Ltd. and has over 10 million user downloads. You can also use Spotify by accessing it through its web even if you don’t have the application. Spotify is way more beneficial for events such as Birthday Parties, Year-end Parties, Romantic Dinners, and many. So, give it a try. Experience the amazing features. You can use AC Market or Aptoide to download this application if your Android device does not support play store.