Why Does Every Woman Need A Pair Of Cat-Eye Glasses In Her Wardrobe?

Why Does Every Woman Need A Pair Of Cat-Eye Glasses In Her Wardrobe?

Worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Heburn in the 60s, cat-eye glasses still remain relevant and ridiculously fashionable. The feline inspired look of these frames has a certain feminine appeal that no other pair can match.

Cat-eye frame found a place in every woman’s wardrobe in the late 60s when this style was successfully adapted into prescription glasses. There is something about this unique eyewear style that is everything from fierce and independent to elegant and charming.

The tapered temples and feline look of these glasses is not restricted to thick metal frames. Today, these frames are made from lightweight material such as acetate, titanium and thin metal. And when we talk about designs, you have a world of choice there too.

Although these glasses can be seen on every second woman, there are ladies who doubt whether cat-eye glasses will look good on them. Well, the answer is – Yes they will look good on you. Scroll down to know a little more about this eyeconic eyewear.

What makes cat-eye glasses unique?

Cat-eye frame is just as unique as it is versatile. With their upswept frame and winged top bar, there is not a more pleasant eyewear shape one can think of.

When we think about cat-eye glasses, our mind often goes to the thick elaborate frames that  were so popular back in the 50s. But don’t worry! Cat-eye frames are ultra chic and modern these days. They are no more your mother’s or grandmother’s glasses.

Available in a variety of accents, embellishments such as stone or crystals, unique patterns specifically on the temple tips, cat-eye frames become more fashion forward.

And they don’t have to be overtly seductive or sexy as many frames in the 50s or 60s were. They can be worn as an elegant eyepiece. For instance, cat-eye style in transparent glasses has a subtle appeal rather than bold.

Cat-eye glasses flatter most face shapes

No matter what face shape you have, there is a pair of cat-eye frames for you. Even for the ladies with a petite facial structure who can’t dare to try most of the fake designer glasses in trend can safely go for a cat-eye look.

If you have a more angular face, try this style in softer edges and round or oval lenses. But, if your face shape is more roundish, balance your features with cat-eye glasses with sharp edges and an extended top flair.

Cat-eye style is extremely versatile

When we say versatile, we mean that you can carry this style on every occasion and outfit. For your regular office or college look, you can pick red or black colour as they are most adaptable and match with your every outfit.

However, if the plain cat-eye frame in basic colours is too boring, you can get this style in tortoiseshell glasses. They have a dual tone on their frames that are perfect for warm skin types and look classy as hell. When you have cat-eye glasses in tortoiseshell patterns, you won’t have to work hard to look like a fashionista or a movie star.

Want a natural face lift?

With decorative embellishments on the top bar, cat-eye frames will bring focus to the top part of your face. Even the lower part of the frame has a slightly upward sweep which gives quite a slimming effect that is close to the perfect bone structure.

You can go for an extra pop of colour or decoration on the upper frame just to keep the attention away from the lower part of your face.

They are the hottest trend right now

Who doesn’t like to try the hottest trend? And when it is our very own cat-eye, the trend becomes extremely fashionable and easy to pull off. Nothing has a bolder or  more independent personality than a pair of cat-eye glasses. Being the most versatile eyewear style, you won’t have to struggle to style these glasses. Whether on a date night or a Sunday brunch, these glasses always work like a charm.

So now you know why cat-eye glasses are a must-have in your eyewear wardrobe. Don’t think that they won’t suit your face shape. Just wear them and boost your self-confidence.