Run VoIP on Dedicated Server to Save Money and Boost Productivity

Run VoIP on Dedicated Server to Save Money and Boost Productivity

A Dedicated Hosting Server is a versatile asset that has numerous uses. Unlike other hosting servers, a Dedicated Hosting Server offers you full control over all its aspects. With full root access, you can configure your Dedicated Server to serve any purpose you see fit. You can host a website on it, use it as a firewall, make it a gaming server or create your very own cloud storage. Or you can use it to run a VoIP service.

A Linux Dedicated Server is the most popular choice in Dedicated Hosting due to its affordability and customizability. With the right Dedicated Hosting plan, you can not only save money with a dedicated VoIP service but also boost productivity. VoIP allows you to make telephone calls over the internet. This is useful for businesses which have their offices all over the world and helps them save a lot of money on telephone bills.

Let us first understand how a VoIP service works and what its uses are.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a digital service that allows you to place phone calls to regular phones using the Internet instead of a regular phone line. You can use VoIP to place a call to any landline, mobile phone or even to another computer, anywhere in the world. It works by converting analogue phone signals into digital data which then travels over a combination of the public Internet and private internet protocol networks. If it has an Internet connection, you can place a VoIP call from any place in the world. The other party does not need an internet connection if they are receiving the call on a landline or mobile phone.

There are a number of service providers who offer the VoIP facility as a paid service. Even though it is paid, the prices are much lower than what you would pay for phone calls over regular phone lines. But if you want to save on those costs as well as boost your productivity with the service, running your own VoIP service is the best way to achieve those goals.

Now, let’s look at the advantages of running a VoIP on a Dedicated Server.

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Save money

When you run your own VoIP on a Dedicated Server, you save money in two ways: on telephone bills and on a VoIP plan. Your only cost is the Internet bill. You don’t even need any special equipment. All calls, including international calls, are completely free.

Better quality

With a commercial VoIP service, the quality of your calls depends upon your provider’s infrastructure, which may not always be the best. With your own Dedicated Server, you can determine the quality of your VoIP service. Also, you do not have to share your service with anybody else.

Better productivity

VoIP does not offer just clear phone calling. It offers a variety of features like call forwarding, blocking, voice mail, remote call management, automatic call distribution and voice recognition. It can also assist in collaborating by integrating with other services like video conferencing and instant messaging for enhanced productivity.

VoIP will only get better as we get better equipment and faster internet. While it may not replace traditional telephone calls any time soon, it is gradually getting there.