Pistachio Paste and Where You Can Use It

Pistachio Paste and Where You Can Use It

You may have heard or read of pistachio paste, and even if you haven’t, it would be just a matter of time before you come across a recipe that calls for it or hear someone mention it. This homogenous mixture of water and shelled pistachios is usually bright green, although some versions are more brown than green because the nuts haven’t had their skins removed.

Whatever the appearance, though, there’s no denying the taste and appeal of pistachio paste. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s found its way into a number of dishes. So what or where can you use this paste with a slightly nutty, salty, and sweet taste? Here are a few ideas.

Ice Cream and Gelato

Pistachio paste can easily be added to vanilla ice cream to make pistachio ice cream. It can also be used to flavour gelato; simply add the paste when you would normally add your desired flavouring. Then you’ll have a cool dessert that’s delicious but not overly decadent.


Some pastries call for a buttercream filling or frosting, so if you want a change from the usual, you can try using pistachio-flavoured buttercream. All you have to do is add the pistachio paste to the buttercream filling or frosting. Afterwards, beat, whip, or fold it in until well incorporated and the buttercream has a green tint to it. Then add it to the pastries the way you usually would. And if you’re making fruit tarts and want to boost their flavour a little, pistachio paste makes a great frangipane filling.

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As with pastries, you can make pistachio frosting and use that to frost a cake, with something other than the usual flavours. You can also use pistachio paste to flavour otherwise plain pound cakes and bread. All you need to do is replace a portion of the butter or oil in your recipe with a comparable amount of pistachio paste, then finish making the dough or batter, and bake in a loaf pan or cake tin like you would when baking any other cake or bread.


If you’re fond of spreading nut butter on a still-warm piece of toast, a freshly baked roll, or a toasted English muffin, then this use of pistachio paste should come as no surprise to you. Whether for breakfast, dessert, or afternoon tea, there’s no reason you can’t use pistachio paste like you would peanut or almond butter. Pair it with your favourite drink for a truly delicious start of the day or end of a meal.

As simple as pistachio paste may be – all it uses is pistachio nuts and water, after all – there’s no denying that it lends itself well to more than a handful of dishes. With more and more people giving in to curiosity and trying to use the paste themselves. If you’re curious, too, and want to know where to buy pistachio paste, visit this page for the information you’re looking for.