Pieces Of Furniture That Can Make Or Break A Room

Pieces Of Furniture That Can Make Or Break A Room

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘furniture’? A sofa, bed, closet or something completely different?

In this text we will emphasize pros and cons for having a perfect working chair or office chair and a coat rack or a hanger. These two pieces of furniture rarely bother us until we either feel chronic pain in our backs or until we find ourselves overwhelmed by the mess that’s created because there are no hangers in your home. Or office.

Office chairs for a peaceful and concentrated work

You must be wondering about what do office chairs have to do with our concentration at work? What would you say if I said – plenty!

Just imagine having only one office chair that you’re using and it fits you perfectly. There is no need for you to squirm and your back feel great even after 3 whole hours of sitting down? Most office workers or people that work from home can’t imagine this kind of scenario. Mostly because office chairs are often interchangeable amongst coworkers, especially if you and your coworkers have opposite shifts.

Bad sitting position at work, where you spend roughly up to 8 hours, can seriously damage your back and posture. In addition to that, a constant pain reminder can make you lose focus at work and even affect your mood.

The basic rule is that each and every office chair should be used by only one person. That would be ideal, but it’s rarely the case.

Which office chair is the right one for you?

There are simple guidelines that come in handy when looking for proper office chairs, be it for your home or office.

The first rule is that your feet should touch the ground when you’re sitting. In case that parameter isn’t met, we suggest that you try out the adjustable office chairs. Those can be fixed so that they fit only your needs and your back will thank you for that. Remember – the body doesn’t forgive or forget!

In case your feet don’t reach the ground in the adjustable office chair, there is always a foot rest that can help you greatly. It can be used to rest the feet plus your circulation isn’t going to suffer.

All the correct parameters

According to experts, while you’re sitting down, your back and neck should be straight, but you should feel comfortable this way. The feet should reach the ground and thighs should be placed parallel with the chair.

Your arms should stand parallel with the desk and the monitor, if you’re using one, should stand ahead of your eyesight so that the neck can stay straight.

If you’re choosing an adjustable office chair, we suggest you look for the one that offers additional adjustments for your lumbar.

Lumbar is the part of your body you should go easy on. This way your posture, be it sitting or walking around, will not be affected at all.

Perfect hanger or a coat rack

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Hangers are something we take for granted. Most of us think of the hangers we use to organise our clothes neatly in the closet. While those come in handy when organising closets, we’re actually brushing up on coat rack or standing hangers.

This neglected piece of furniture can actually uplift the whole room, are very practical and can help you keep your coats neat.

There are different types of hangers and coat racks available, which can be placed in any type of room, small or big, and can still effectively serve their purpose.

Standalone hangers – are the simplest ones and are mostly made of metal. Metal is very much reliable and durable as a material and makes standalone hangers last for a long time. Most hangers are made of metal, wood or plastic.

Artisan hangers – all hangers are made to be useful but the artisan ones are also made to be interesting and artistic. Mostly they have abstract shapes and present a certain individuality in the room. Some of these hangers are made of combined materials like metal and wood, or wood and plastic and even all three materials together.

Wall mounted hangers – if you’re decorating a smaller office or a smaller room in your house and wish to add something to hang the coates on – try wall mounted hangers. Those are great space savers and can additionally uplift the wall which they’re mounted on.

Wall mounted hangers can be plastic, wooden and metal. While the plastic ones are the most affordable, they have certain limitations. For example, a metal hanger will last longer and can endure more coates on one hanger at the same time.

Wooden ones are more durable than the plastic ones but can be deformed with time. Especially if it’s placed near a window and is exposed to humidity or other unfavorable weather conditions.

Corner hangers – great space savers as well, corner coat racks usually come with a designated compartment for the shoes or a drawer for all the knick knacks that don’t have a special place in the house. In addition to that, a good looking corner hanger will immediately draw attention to that specially organised corner.

Final thoughts

It is a relief to know that the furniture doesn’t have to be simple and practical any more. Any piece of furniture you could be searching for can be customised and comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Same goes for office chairs, hangers, beds, kids furniture etc.

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