How to Prepare Your Car to Be Towed?

How to Prepare Your Car to Be Towed?

Having to get your car towed is something no one wants to experience. We try not to think about having to be in a situation where we have to call for assistance to move our car but being realistic, it does happen, even to the best of us. Instead of hoping to never land in a situation where you need to call a tow truck, you should try being prepared so you know exactly how the towing process will happen, and what you need to do to prepare your car to be towed!

1: Make sure you’ve taken all of your belongings out

Even if the tower is there to help you out of the situation you’re stuck in, it doesn’t mean that you can just blindly trust a stranger to protect your belongings as you would yourself. That’s why, it’s important that you take charge and make sure that all of your belongings have been removed from the car, preferably before the tow truck even arrives so you have enough time to peacefully go through everything.

2: Take photos of everything

If you need a tow truck your vehicle is in a condition where it probably can’t move on its own. Often, this is after an accident. Whichever the case may be for you, make sure that you have everything documented before the car is towed. This will make sure that you have a record of the way the car was when you handed it over, just in case there are any inconsistencies when you go to pick up the car from their lot later on!

3: Make sure the emergency brake isn’t engaged

Before your car is towed, you have to make sure that you don’t have the emergency brake engaged. This is done so the car’s wheels spin on their own easily, and there’s no damage to the tyres or the entire vehicle. Having the emergency brake engaged may end up causing expected damage as the tow truck pulls on the car, so make sure you’ve disengaged it yourself.

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4: Close the windows if you can

Ideally, your car won’t be in a bad enough condition that you can maneuver things like windows. If your windows are functional and it’s safe for you to be inside the car long enough to close the windows, make sure you do it. That way, not only will you protect your car from getting further damage by leaving its interior exposed, you’ll also keep the car safe from anyone that might try to get into it while it’s not under supervision. Closed windows are generally considered safer than open windows.

5:  Make sure you’ve researched the towing service

Finally, even if you ended up calling a tow truck in a frenzy, before you hand your car over, make sure that you’ve spent adequate time looking up the towing service to make sure they’re legit. Instead of just calling a random towing truck you know nothing about, try googling “towing Irvington” or a towing service in your general area and see the top results that come up. Your best bet at finding someone reliable is to check their google reviews and ratings. A great tip is to go through the 1-3 star reviews and see what complaints people have had with them just so you’re prepared just in case something goes wrong. The safest bet would be to hire the towing company with the best reviews online. If they have a fully functioning website with their price list and general service outlines and everything, it’ll make them an even better option compared to a company that just has their number listed in a directory. Remember, even though all towing services do pretty much the same thing, it’s important that you go for a company that’s as reliable as possible.