Excellent Performance of HONOR XSport


Bluetooth Earphones allow us to enjoy music while exercising. They get rid of the trouble of wire winding. Users can wear them more firmly. Don’t worry about falling during the exercise and fitness process. Bluetooth Earphones have become a must for sports talents as soon as they appear. There are many Bluetooth Earphones products on the market. Not all of them are suitable for sports. You should be careful to select Bluetooth Earphones for sports. Here are Bluetooth Earphones suitable for sports.

Honor xSport is suitable for users who like sports and music. They have wireless Bluetooth connection, convenient and fast movement without winding. They are fashionable and light. It has IPX5 waterproof grade.

There is a torsion turn test method to test the performance of earphone cord. Clamp the joint and the cable on the torsion testing machine. Rotate at a speed of 60 revolutions per minute until they are torn off. Record the number of torsions.

HONOR xSport Bluetooth Earphones got great result with 266 times of twisting. We got the number of the 125 times of Edifier W280BT. 228 times of millet mini. 137 times of Philips wire control. The duration of HONOR xSport is high. There is no need to worry about the accident of hanging up the earphone.


Adjust the mobile phone to 50% volume and continuously play music. We tested the endurance of Bluetooth Earphones. Honor xSport has more endurance than Dakang, Philips and Rover. Honor xSport Ranked first in endurance. The Earphones were full after two hours. The power was full, and the endurance was a bit surprising.

In addition to the above performance advantages, HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones price is affordable. It has high cost performance among similar products. It only costs 69.99 pounds. Users opened the outer package and found headphones, storage boxes and instructions inside. The storage box can put the headphones inside. There are two sets of earmuffs, large and small. Micro USB charging cable is in the storage box. With the medium earmuff worn on the earphone, the three sizes are for different consumers. Headphones are stylish in appearance. It has high-density CD lines. You will feel delicate and bright shining.

That’s all you need to know about HONOR xSport Bluetooth Earphones. You can purchase them after reading these reviews. HONOR xSport Bluetooth Earphones can give you the best use experience.