Cracking Competitive Exams: Must-know Tips and Tricks

Cracking Competitive Exams: Must-know Tips and Tricks

The crucial part in cracking competitive exams is to understand the prerequisites for the examination. For that, preparation before the test is very important. A well-revised concept and syllabus are the main things to achieve good scores.

Apart from this, competitive exams are different from the regular academic tests conducted in colleges or schools. So good preparation is a mandatory thing as many students attempt this test. For the government exams like SSC, UPSC etc., around 20% of the portion comprises general knowledge questions. Therefore, the current GK plays a significant role in the public awareness section of government exams. For this, you must be aware of each and everything that is happening around your world. In this article, some tips and tricks are explained in detail to better understand before going for the exams.

Steps to Follow for the Preparation of Examination

Here are some steps to be followed before the tests, which help you differently.

Prepare a Timetable

Competitive exams are not similar to regular school exams. It is because a short time will be there for the preparation. In this short period, all concepts and syllabus must be completed. For that purpose, a timetable should be prepared.

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Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The syllabus must be thoroughly checked before preparing for the exam so that a clear understanding of what to learn will be known. After understanding the syllabus, go check the weightage of various subjects and topics to plan your preparation accordingly.

Previous year question papers will be available online. Make use of those question papers for getting to know the exam format.

Time Management

Competitive exams will have a fixed time. According to that, at the time of preparation itself, manage the time. Solving a sample question paper is one of the ways that you can manage your time. Everyone will have their strategic strength. Therefore, make your strategy for time management.

Leave the Last Few Days Before the Examination.

This trick is for those who are stressed and scared of exams. Last-minute preparations are always atrocious. So, during the last few days, you just need to clear your doubts and brush up on your practices for the exam. Ensure that all the topics are covered before two days of the exam.

Evaluate Yourself

For adequate preparation for the exam, self-evaluation is crucial from time to time. After completing each chapter, make a mock test. There are many online portals. For instance, BYJU’S sample paper questions of every subject are available. By using those test papers, you can evaluate yourself, knowing how confident you are on each concept. It gives a clear understanding of how well you are aware of the topics. Try to avoid guesswork on exams. For example, MCQs for the questions of maths are given in the question paper. If you try to guess the answer, it may go wrong. This is because maths questions are different from other subjects’ questions. As competitive exams have a negative marking system, guessing answers are not at all appreciated.

Stay Positive and Confident.

After all, a positive mind and confidence are essential for all the exams you will attempt. If the positivity lacks, then success will not be achieved. For improving concentration, do medication. Stay away from the people who are pressuring you. Stay calm and determined always.