6 Things To Consider Before Throwing A Surprise Birthday Party

Birthday Party

If you are hosting a birthday party for someone close to you soon, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that your party goes according to plan. Besides choosing a party theme, making invitations, and ordering a cake from online cake delivery in Belgaum, many more decisions need to be made. After all, as the host of the party, it is your duty to ensure that everything goes as planned, the success of the party rests on your shoulders.

To ensure that your surprise birthday party turns out perfect, consider some of the following pointers.

Things To Consider:

  1. Be sure that all guests that are invited understand that it is a surprise party. You want to reiterate to all guests that their early arrival is crucial to the party’s ‘surprise’ portion. Ask guests to arrive early to ensure that they are at the party before the guest of honour arrives. As the host of the party, the timing of the event is all part of your vital role. As timing is an essential factor in any surprise birthday party, try to send email to the arrival parties. This way, they will have a calendar invite to the party, and it will be synced with their schedules. This will be a perfect reminder.
  2. You also must be able to keep the surprise party a surprise. As the host, you cannot leave any hints or traces of party supplies or party plans out where they can be found. Discretion is important, especially for the host. As a rule of thumb, sometimes children cannot keep secrets so if possible, avoid sharing any party information with kids.
  3. You are also responsible for setting up a photographer or videographer who will help you capture the surprise moment on film. Sometimes you will need to pay for their services, which can be an added cost for you, as the host.
  4. Decorations that are for the party should remain hidden from view until the surprise is actually proclaimed. If there are balloons or streamers, make sure that there are no traces of décor through the windows of the home or venue the party is going to be held at.
  5. If your surprise has any sort of health condition, you might want to consult their physician or someone that understands their condition to ensure that a surprise is not hazardous to their health. If there are any doubts, it is best to skip the surprise party.
  6. When creating the guest list, it is important to invite people that the guest of honour likes and would want to celebrate with. As the host, it is not important what guest you want to invite. Remember the party is not for you, it is for someone else.

It is important for the host to keep these things in mind if they are planning a surprise party. If you feel that you cannot complete any of these or have doubts about your ability, you can always enlist someone else who is close to the surprise. There is no shame in asking for help; planning a party is a tough job. However, once the surprise has been celebrated, you will surely feel as though all your hard work has paid off.