6 Reasons Seniors Should Consider Getting A Golden Retriever

6 Reasons Seniors Should Consider Getting A Golden Retriever

Let us look at six reasons why seniors should consider getting a pet, with a preference for the Golden Retriever.

  • A Forever Friend

Dogs, they say, are more loyal than friends and family. Many people who do not like dogs will change their minds. As you watch Golden Retriever puppies play, your heart will melt. And you are bound to make a play for the naughtiest and cutest in the bunch! They bring joy to your life and will make you happy and will be your friend for life.

  • Not Fussy Dogs

Older golden retrievers are a better bet for seniors. They are not that fussy and are slower, making it an easier route for seniors. Instead of being hauled from a place to the next and keeping up with the dog, an older pet is advantageous. They remain loyal and are not hyperactive; they are calmer.

  • Safety First

Depression can set in with seniors. With the kids away, limited time to get out, these dogs are so fun to have around, that seniors will want to bring a pet home. A dog always knows who the boss is and will ensure that it keeps the master safe, at any time. Keeping intruders away is an added advantage.

  • Going Out

If you want some exercise but do not feel the urge to go out, once you pick any of the many Golden Retriever pups, you will be exercising. Getting the pup to play fetch, teaching it to follow a routine, will keep you on your toes! These pups are easy to train and love to learn something new. It will bring back laughter in the home.

  • Helpful When You Are Not Well

If you have an illness, these dogs are very helpful and will keep you safe and may alert anyone to your problem. They will go a mile to protect their master from any harm. The basic nature of a Golden retriever is loyalty. You will be safe anywhere.

  • A Gentle Breed

Golden Retrievers are an excellent choice for a pet. They are very gentle. They do not cause any harm. Golden Retrievers love to please anyone. They are not prone to attack unless provoked and are a considerable advantage to the elderly.


There you have it; Golden Retrievers make very good pets. They bring joy, are very lovable and loyal. As an elder, having a pet is pretty advantageous. It is like having a friend with you that never talks back but showers you with love. And they are loyal.