10 Benefits of An Automatic Grease Lubrication System

10 Benefits of An Automatic Grease Lubrication System

Lubricating your machines is a critical part of their operation, preventing damage and protecting their longevity. Yet lubricant levels must be checked regularly. In fact, many parts cannot operate with the right amount of lubricant present, unless they are regularly monitored and readjusted. An automatic grease lubrication system prevents this need for frequent monitoring and adjustment by continuously dispensing measured amounts of lubricant at regular intervals. These systems are valuable for a number of reasons, which are outlined below.

Accurate Grease Delivery:

Grease lubrication systems are used extensively in the machine tool industry. These systems can be used to lubricate bearings, gears and other moving parts of a machine.

Moreover, these systems are especially important for applications that require high precision and accuracy. This is because the grease must be applied in small amounts at a specific location on each individual component with great precision.

If you are using manual methods to apply grease to your machines, then you may not be able to achieve this level of accuracy.

Elimination Of Human Error:

Human error is one of the leading causes of production line stoppage. Manual lubrication requires workers to manually inspect each individual workstation in order to determine whether or not it needs grease or oil added; if they fail to notice that one station has run out, production will be halted until it can be replenished again.

Automatic grease lubrication eliminates this problem by automatically adding lubricants as necessary.

Improved Productivity:

Lubrication is an important part of the manufacturing process. Without it, production lines can break down and even stop altogether. Manual lubrication is time-consuming and labour intensive, so many companies rely on automatic grease lubrication systems to keep their machines running smoothly.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

The average cost to maintain a manual grease lubrication system is approximately $3 per hour of operation. Automatic grease lubrication systems provide better control over the amount of grease supplied and the method used to distribute it.

When compared to manual greasing, automatic systems provide up to 90% less maintenance because they do not require the application of grease by hand. There are no employees required to apply the grease which means that you will save on labour costs as well as time spent performing maintenance activities such as greasing equipment and cleaning out tanks.

Less DownTime:

Automatic grease lubrication systems can help you reduce downtime by preventing failures before they happen. For example, if your equipment uses a lot of greases, that means you’ll need to change it more often than if it uses less. With an automatic system, you don’t need to worry about changing all that excess grease because it will be taken care of automatically!

Reduced labour costs:

Automatic grease lubrication systems require less time and labour than manual greasing methods, which means you’ll save money on labour with automatic greasing systems.

Higher Safety Levels:

Automatic grease lubrication systems provide higher safety levels than manual grease lubrication systems. This is because they can be set up to automatically shut off the machine when the grease reaches a certain level in the container.

Better Visibility:

Automated grease lubrication systems are designed to be easily visible from the floor or from your office window. In addition, many systems allow you to view their operation via a video camera. When you can see that a machine is greased properly, you don’t have to guess whether it’s working properly or not.

Quieter Operation:

Automatic lubrication systems can be used to reduce your facility’s noise level. Automatic lubrication systems are used in high-speed applications, such as conveyor belts, to lubricate and cool moving parts. The system uses an oil pump to direct a small amount of oil onto the moving parts. This provides a better seal between the moving parts and reduces friction.


An automatic grease lubrication system is an investment that offers a return on your investment (ROI) in the form of reduced maintenance, fewer costly breakdowns, and greater productivity.